Sell Products & Services


What is this?

You can manually sell items (which can be products and/or services) directly from CareTrax Books. This allows you to accept credit cards (non-swipe, by manual entry), cash or check payments

Why should I know this?

So that you can provide a receipt to the patient (email or print) and also to keep your books in order for all sales (cash, check and credit cards).

Step by Step


Accessing Books

Open CareTrax Books by clicking on the CareTrax logo at the top-left and choosing “Books”. This opens a new tab.


Create the Invoice

Navigate to Sales and then Invoices on the left side.

Either choose the plus sign (+) in the blue circleabove and then select Invoice … or … choose the black plus sign (+) next to the Invoice menu item to create a blank Invoice.


Enter Header Information

Start with the patient name. You can type it in or search for it (see screenshots to the right)

All other fields in header are optional:

  • Invoice #: Automatically filled by sequence
  • Order Number: Leave blank
  • Invoice Date: Auto-filled in for today
  • Terms: Auto-filled in for “Due on Receipt”
  • Due Date: Auto Calculated from Terms



Enter Item Detail

In the Item Detail box below, you can select 1 or more items by clicking and choosing from the drop-down menu.

If the item you want sell is not listed, you can enter/create it on the fly.

Enter the quantity and the total price (plus tax if enabled) for that item will be calculated in the Amount column.

Below the Item Detail box, you can add adjustments for discounts (choose % or $), Shipping and miscellaneous adjustments if called for.


Complete the Invoice

At the bottom of the Invoice, make sure you check the following fields:

Customer Notes and Terms & Conditions: These are pre-filled, but you can edit if needed.

Payment Options: If the patient is paying via PayPal or Card, leave the PayPal Box checked. Otherwise uncheck it for cash and check payments.

Make sure the patient’s email is below. This will allow you to email their Receipt upon posting the invoice.


Posting the Invoice & Send/Print Receipt

Next, choose the “Save as Draft” button below.

In Draft state, you can go back in and edit as needed.

When the Invoice is all complete and correct, you process the Invoice from Draft to Paid status by clicking the Record Payment button at top right.

To complete the process, make sure the Payment Mode and Deposit To account fields are correct, then select the red Record Payment button, which also emails the Paid Invoice (e.g. Receipt) to the patient.

If you want to print the Paid Invoice (Receipt) for the patient, you simply choose the print icon above the Invoice itself:


Note: You can also create invoices directly from the patient record in CareTrax via the “Related List” to the left by choosing “Zoho Finance” and Creating an Invoice.

The patient name is already there, saving you time. However, you still need to go into Books to complete and post the Invoice, which is why it’s best (at this time) to do everything in Books.

Video Demonstration

See the video below to learn how to create each item above..