Create records


What is this?

You can manually create records in CareTrax while others are automatically created for you:
Leads: Auto-created from the website Contact Form, but also can be manually created.
Patients: Auto-created from Patients who self register from the website, but can also be created manually.
Encounters: Never manually create these! The system does it for you!
Appointments: OK to manually create. Only Initial Consults with Deposits are auto-created.
Doctors: OK to manually create
Activites: OK to manually create.
: OK to manually create.

Why should I know this?

So that you can manually create these records when needed: Leads from Walk-ins, Patients who can’t use a computer, Referring Doctors and various Activities (or Events, Calls or Tasks).

Step by Step


Creating Leads

You would manually create a lead to keep a record of people who are not yet patients and who you want to convert into a  patient. They could be a walk-in or someone who calls the office, etc.

Go to the Leads menu, and select the + sign in the upper right, next to the Import button.

Enter the data for this lead. Mandatory fields include name and “company”. Put “none” if the person is an individual. Enter notes as appropriate for future follow-up.

If you collect their email, they can be included in mass-mailing campaigns and newsletters.


Creating Patients

You can manually create a patient when they don’t do it themselves from the website.

Go to the Patients menu and select the + sign in the upper right, next to the Import button.

Enter the data for this Patient. Mandatory fields include Last Name, Contact Status and Contact Type. Status is usually “Active Patient” while Type will be “Patient”. 

Ensure their email address is correct as this field is used to match new entries. If there’s a typo, it could create a duplicate patient.


Creating Encounters

Encounters are auto-created when an Appointment is made, either the Initial Consult from a patient who self-schedules, or in the office, via the CareTrax menu.

Do not manually create an Encounter. It will be an “orphan” and not have an Appointment attached nor will any email notifications happen.


Creating Appointments

Within CareTrax, there are several menu options that start with “Appt”, such as “Appt – Certification”.

Choose these to schedule an appointment. You will notice that a Calendly screen is embedded. This is the master bookings engine, meaning that when you make an Appointment this way, an Encounter and calendar entry will be auto-created.

Select the Appointment menu item, chose a date, time and confirm. Then enter in the patient’s name, email and phone number. Finally, select the Schedule Event button to complete the transaction.


Creating Doctors

CareTrax has a module just for Doctors.

You can keep track of all Referring and Primary Care Physicians that your patients have seen. This allows you to market to them for more patient referrals in the future.

Enter the data for the doctor by first selecing the Doctor menu, then the + sign in the uper right corner.


Creating Activities

CareTrax has an “Activity” module that you can use to keep track of three things: Events, Calls and Tasks

You can keep track of each of these by creating them from either the Activity menu or directly from a Patient, Doctor or other module in order to associate them.

This is very handy as you can see Activities attached to other records in the Related List.

From the Activity menu, select the + sign in the upper right corner. Then select one of the three buttons (Event, Call, Task).

If you want to create an Activity from a related module, go to that module (e.g. Patients) and select a record. Then select the + sign on the LEFT inside the Related List panel.


Creating Invoices/Receipts

You will need to create an Invoice (also known as a Receipt for patient transactions) for cash or checks received from Patients.

You do this in the Books program. See HERE for detailed documentation.

Video Demonstration

See the video below to learn how to create each item above..